Car leasing

Leasing period (years)

Calculate your leasing limit

Quick and easy

  • Within a few hours

    Offer and contract - on the same day

  • Leasing with residual value

    Low monthly payments - the residual value is paid with the last installment or contract is prolonged

  • Special insurance conditions

    Special prices for Casco and compulsory insurance. Pay for insurance every month together with the lease payment.

  • Leasing without Casco

    For older cars Casco insurance is optional


  • We finance new and used cars (up to 14 years)

  • We finance up to 100% of the car price

  • Leasing period up to 7 years

  • Free early repayment

  • Fixed or variable interest rates

Available in three steps

  • Apply for proposal

    Apply for proposal

  • Select a car

    Select a car

  • Sign the contract

    Sign the contract

Leasing with insurance

  • We cooperate with the ERGO Insurance and offer special conditions for car insurance.

  • Pay each month. One payment for insurance and leasing.

  • Fixed price. When signing the contract Casco insurance premium is fixed for 5 years, even if you experience any insurance events.

  • Attractive compulsory insurance price. When buying Casco insurance - compulsory insurance costs only EUR 115/year.