In this Cookie Policy, you will find out what cookies are and what information they contain, why we collect them and what purposes we use them for. Here you will also find information on how to restrict or stop saving cookies.

  • 1 . What are cookies?

    Cookies are small files stored on the device used (computer, mobile phone, etc.). Cookies are used to record information about how our website is being used, for example, when was last used and what type of information was searched on it. Cookies are stored in the files directory of the internet browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.) on the device’s hard drive. 

  • 2 . What are the cookies used for?

    Citadele Leasing uses cookies to improve the functionality and use of the website, as well as for storing statistics – to learn more about the activities executed by the site visitors and to analyse the usage experience of the visitors.

  • 3 . Information about cookies used by

    To improve the functionality of the website and to facilitate its use, Citadele Leasing uses the following types of cookies:

    1. Session cookies:

    Session cookies are temporary cookies stored in the browser of the user’s device and deleted when the website is closed. Use of this type of cookies is necessary for the technical and functional provision of the website’s operation.

    2. Persistent cookies:

    Persistent cookies are stored in the device for a certain period of time after the website visit, depending on the type of cookie. They identify the visitor of the website as a unique user, and when the visitor returns to the website, they help to remember information about the visitor and visitor’s past activities on the particular website.

    3. Tracking cookies: 

    Tracking cookies are used to collect the overall statistics of the visits and usage of the site. They do not contain personal information and cannot be used to identify a person. 

    4. Third-party cookies: 

    Third-party cookies, such as Google AdWords, are used to personalise your ad content, to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads, and to optimise your marketing communications in general.

  • 4 . How to stop receiving cookies

    The cookies used by do not contain personal data of the website visitor and cannot be used to identify a person. However, if you want to restrict or block the cookies set by this website, or to delete the already created cookies, you can do this by changing your internet browser settings.

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